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rinsing hand under running water - Olive Oil Pour Spouts How Do You Clean An Olive Oil Pour Spout?

How Do You Clean an Olive Oil Pour Spout?

With each pour of your olive oil, the spout develops a layer of oil that catches debris in the air. Eventually, you’ll need to clean it off to keep your olive oil clean and contaminant-free use after use. Thankfully, you can clean all your olive oil pour spouts quite easily by following these steps.

Get Your Cleaning Supplies Ready

You cannot simply rinse the olive oil pour spout and call it good. The oil sticks fast to the metal spout, requiring the use of soap, scrubbing brushes, and plenty of elbow grease. To make quick work of the process, you’ll want to get a tiny straw scrubbing brush plus a regular dishwashing sponge. On top of that, grab your favorite grease-fighting dish soap.

Use Hot Water for a Quick Rinse

water faucet water running - Olive Oil Pour Spouts How Do You Clean An Olive Oil Pour Spout?

With your supplies by the sink, turn on the water to get it nice and hot. Then, take the olive oil pour spout off the bottle and rinse it under the running water. Keep moving the spout under the water until you cannot get any more oil or debris off the surface. Repeat with all the pour spouts you want to wash at that time.

Soak the Olive Oil Pour Spouts

Fill up the sink with hot water and a few drops of dish soap. Consider adding a ¼ cup of white vinegar as well if you think the pour spouts have stubborn stains. Put your spouts in the sink full of hot, soapy water and let them soak. You can leave them to soak for about an hour before coming back to assess their progress.

Scrub the Spouts with a Straw Brush

Working one by one, use a tiny scrubbing brush to clean each olive oil pour spout inside and out. Remember to move the weighted flap open and close to scrub around its moving parts. Don’t forget to scrub around the threads on the plastic corks to get all the oil off their surfaces as well. Use a regular kitchen sponge to wipe down all the exterior surfaces even more. Dunk the spouts back into the water to take a look at their surfaces once again.

Check the Cleanliness Level of the Spouts

Inspect the pour spouts thoroughly after scrubbing. If you’re satisfied with their state of cleanliness, rinse them with hot water. Youpouring olive oil into pan - Olive Oil Pour Spouts How Do You Clean An Olive Oil Pour Spout? may need to empty all the soapy water out of the sink, and then fill it with clean hot water. Let the spouts soak for a few minutes to get all the soap out of their crevices. If any soap residue remains, you’ll taste it in your olive oil, likely ruining the whole bottle.

Try Different Cleaning Methods

If the pour spouts do not look clean at this point, then you may need to let them soak longer and scrub again, for starters. But if that doesn’t work, you can fill an empty bottle with 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Then, put the still dirty olive oil pour spout on top. Cover the spout opening with your finger or a rag. Shake the bottle vigorously to agitate the vinegar through every part of the spout. Then, clean it in hot, soapy water and rinse it thoroughly.

Let the Spouts Air Dry Completely

Before putting your olive oil pour spouts back on the bottles, let them air dry completely on a dish drying rack or towel. Check the spouts carefully for any drops of water before reinstalling. Otherwise, the water could get into the oil and contaminate it.

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